Scalding Wake-up Call

June 27, 2008

[Ratna with her mother at the hospital — her tongue, legs and buttocks bearing the marks from the torture endured at the home of Sylhet’s Chief Judicial Magistrate Rafiqul Alam.]

Fourteen-year-old Ratna who worked as a maid for the last 10 months reveals the horror stories of how she faced demonic torture by her employer, the wife of Sylhet’s Chief Judicial Magistrate. If this is the way his home is run, how can he administer justice in the courts? Read the rest of this entry »


Under The Shadow of Control

July 6, 2007

by Hana Shams Ahmed
[Daily Star, July 6, 2007]

β€œI was in tremendous pain, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t walk, I needed four people to carry me.”

β€œAt first they tied both of Choles’ hands and feet then they tortured the soles of his feet and all over his body. They unzipped his pants and attached pliers to his penis and to all of his fingers and toes. They put candle wax on the wounds and then they put hot water mixed with dried chili and salt and poured it all over his body and through his nose and ears.” Read the rest of this entry »

Nightmare in Modhupur

March 30, 2007

by Hana Shams Ahmed
[Daily Star, March 30, 2007]

Family members of Choles Ritchil break down after receiving his dead body

He was a brave man. He stood up for the rights of his people whenever the need came. When the Bangladesh government decided to go ahead with its proposed Eco Park project in 2000, putting the lives of thousands of indigenous people at risk and threatening the ecological balance of the area, he took a stand against it and protested. When greedy, materialistic forest officials, who had anything but the interest of the forest at heart, started felling trees in the darkness of the night and selling them off for personal profit, he jumped on them and refused to let them get away with it. He loved the Modhupur Forest, his ancestral home and he loved his people, the small minority of Garos and dedicated his life for the establishment of their rights. Read the rest of this entry »